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Why Aayu?


Identify the root cause of diseases, don’t just treat the symptoms.

Aayu's yoga practice complements the user's pre-existing treatments and accelerates progress.


Yoga has established that you have the power to heal yourself.

Daily, disciplined, guided yoga and meditation practice helps your body unlock its natural healing powers.


At Aayu, we match your health needs with our expertise

All our doctors, therapists, psychologists and nutritionists are trained experts.

Aayu provides Personalised Health Management Programs that
addresses lifestyle diseases including Diabetes, PCOS,
Weight management and Many others
Tailored solutions for your unique health goals -
our expertise, your wellness

Doctor consultation

Consult with a doctor trained in yoga therapy for a personalized healing experience!


Nutrition Care

Achieve your health goals with our evidence-based nutrition care.


Yoga Therapy Consultation

Transform your mind and body with our online yoga therapy sessions


Mental Wellbeing

Elevate your mental wellbeing through our range of offerings to achieve better mental health, one step at a time.


A clinic that you can carry in your pocket, always!

A clinic that you can carry in your pocket, always!
Yoga For Menstrual Cramps
Pranayama For Stress and Anxiety
Pranayama For Better Digestion
Pranayama For Headache And Migraine
Yoga For Low Blood Pressure

Here’s the daily workout for your mind, body and soul, straight from experts

Baby Rose - Yoga for Weight Loss
Bhoomi - Yoga for Knee Pain

Breathe...here is the best asana you can give your body

Develop mindfulness, focus and gratitude

Chant Vishnusahasranama Mantra
Instant Clarity
Re-energize Your Self
Visualize Your Happy Zone
Beginners Meditation

Learn to ace your fitness levels, one step at a time.

Learn to ace your fitness levels, one step at a time.
Improve Your Mobility
Stretch Your Spine
Yoga For Hip Flexibility
12 Step Suryanamaskara- A Full Body Workout
Backbends For Beginners

Energize your mind with inspiring, uplifting and calming music

Chords Of Relaxation
Mangnifico Mantra For Happiness
Natures Song
A Cocoon Of Calm
Classical Flute Rendition Of Brahms Lullaby

Discover the Power of Scientific Yoga Therapy.
Begin your transformation journey today!

Your journey to better health begins here!
Understanding the road to Wellness
Know the Five Pillars of Yoga
The Science of Sukshma Vyayama
The Secrets of Yogasana
The hidden benefits of Kriyas
The Art of Pranayama
The Power of Meditation
The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Yoga
Aayu Care: Ensure Your Health and Safety

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I like your app. It's very usefull to me.
Very simple to understand got a perfect app for meditation music and many more . Grt quality sound peacefull mind Aayu. thank you aayu.
Perfectly done the app has everything to keep a healthy lifestyle with amazing doctors, therapists and content must have app for every individual thanks aayu was able to overcome certain health issues just because of Aayu app.
Very Informative to keep ur lifestyle healthy.😍😀
It was an blissful experience. I loved this app. Though I was a bigginer I was able to follow all the instructions and find changes in me gradually.
Hi Shouryasai
Amazing yoga app great content and easy to understand thr app
Perfect practices for different conditions: calm, soothing and help connect with the universe.
Great app amazing content

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