A Health Management Program is a yoga program designed by doctors from S-VYASA. It follows a scientific and holistic approach to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

To enroll in a Health Management Program, select a program that aligns with your health needs from the healing section, and then complete the payment to subscribe.

If you have multiple health concerns, such as diabetes + obesity, we request you to opt for a personalized program where our doctors create a plan based on your consultation.

Health Management Programs cover lifestyle-based diseases through personalized programs. Available programs include Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension, Obesity, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Gastritis, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, Backpain, Asthma & COPD, Arthritis, Healthy Living and Immunity booster.

Stay ahead of symptoms for a healthier future with our Preventive Care Program and Unlock a fitter & and more energized you with our General Fitness Program.

Aayu offers Health Management Programs available for 3, 6, and 12 months, with practice durations of 30 or 60 minutes, which once selected, cannot be changed. You can renew the program when your current subscription period expires.

You can access your missed yoga videos in the healing section. Just click on the calendar button located at the top left corner, and you'll find your previous videos there.

Sessions are available every day, allowing you to attend at your convenience. We highly recommend practicing daily for the best results.

No, the program itself does not have any extra costs.

However, additional costs apply for Add-on services.

Add-on services are additional offerings to enhance your wellness experience.

Doctor Consultation: These online consultations, conducted by SVYASA certified naturopathy doctors, are designed to provide you with personalized medical advice based on your specific health requirements.

Yoga Therapy Sessions: You can also opt for online sessions with a SVYASA certified yoga therapist, who will help you improve your overall well-being through personalized yoga and wellness guidance.

Nutritionist session: These online consultations, conducted by expert nutritionists, are designed to provide you with personalized food plans tailored to your health objectives and expert guidance on how to achieve your nutritional goals, whether it's weight management, better energy levels, or specific dietary needs.

Psychologist Sessions: Our certified psychologists are here to help you address mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, and other challenges through online consultations. Receive expert support to boost your mental well-being and improve overall mental health.

All our health management programs are available online and can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

While both programs prioritize your overall well-being, the Advance Care Program offers a comprehensive approach with specialized consultations with Doctors, Yoga therapists, Nutritionists and Psychologists, while the Health Management Program provides a simpler, foundational experience addressing core health aspects to help you jumpstart your journey towards better health. Your choice between the two programs should align with your unique health goals and the level of personalized care you require

  • Doctor Consultation: You will have the opportunity to consult with a medical professional online who provides personalized advice tailored to your specific health requirements.
  • Nutritionist Consultation: Our nutritionist will work with you online to create a customized food plan based on your dietary preferences and health goals, ensuring your nutrition aligns with your overall well-being.
  • Psychologist Session: You can have confidential online sessions with a psychologist to address and support your mental health and well-being.
  • Yoga Therapist Consultation: Whether you're seeking improved well-being or managing chronic health conditions, our SVYASA certified Yoga Therapists are here to support you during online consultations. During these online yoga consultations, the yoga therapist will walk you through each step, offering expert guidance, provide support in posture correction and insights on what to do and what to avoid, ensuring you receive the assistance you need.
This way, we take care of all four aspects of your health, addressing your mental, physical, emotional, and nutritional well-being.

Absolutely, they can download the app and subscribe to the personalized programs tailored to their health needs.

No, the program is flexible and can be practiced according to your preferences.

Based on your commitment and effort, you will notice positive results. Our aim is to provide optimal treatment for your lifestyle concerns through holistic services. Continuing the practices can help maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the program is completed.

You can change your program within 7 days of subscribing. Post that you will have to consult a doctor for any changes to the program.

No, once started, the program cannot be paused. However, you do have the flexibility to select your start date within the first 7 days after subscribing.

Personalized care programs are custom programs created by expert doctors based on the consultation you book with them. During this process, they assess you and understand your needs, after which a complete program is tailored for you. You can select a program based on your desired time frame of 3, 6, or 12 months. Please ensure that you commit to either a one-hour or half-hour program and maintain your daily practices.

We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and want to offer tailored solutions based on your specific health needs. A doctor's consultation will help understand your unique requirements through appropriate questioning. Following this, you will be provided with a comprehensive plan. If you have more than one health need, a tailored plan will be created, considering your health requirements.

Our team of doctors consists of qualified BNYS (Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) professionals from S-VYASA, as well as MBBS and PhD doctors with a proven track record of assisting patients in recovering from various acute health issues.

Your program will include:
  • Daily Yoga Videos
  • Assessment
  • Tips & Trivia
  • Trackers
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Library
  • Yogic Knowledge
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Therapist Consultation
These are all the components you will receive in the program. Additionally, you can choose to add Nutritionist and Mental Wellbeing care to your program, making it holistic.

Doctor consultation at Aayu takes place virtually. You will be connected with a qualified healthcare professional who specializes in Naturopathy from the comfort of your own space. During the session, you can discuss health concerns, symptoms, and medical history. The doctor provides advice, diagnoses conditions, and offers health management programs. You can also schedule follow-up consultations.

In order to access a doctor consultation, the initial step is to enroll in a health management program. Once your Aayu subscription is active, proceed with the following steps: Select the doctor from the panel of experts.
Schedule the consultation at your convenience.
Attend the consultation and receive personalized advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations from the doctor via the app.
We recommend monthly consultations with our doctor to monitor your progress and evaluate your wellness journey.

There are no restrictions on seeking medical attention, but certain emergencies or situations requiring physical examination may still require in-person consultations.

An online doctor consultation at Aayu generally lasts for 20 minutes. However, it can be extended to 30 minutes if the doctor permits.

There are various payment options available for the online doctor consultation at Aayu, including UPI, Wallet, Cards, and Net banking.

You will be asked to pay the amount while booking the consultation with the doctor. Additionally, you have the option to pay session-wise.

Our doctors are certified professionals in yoga therapy. Our team includes BNYS (bachelor's in naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) doctors from S-VYASA, as well as MBBS and PhD doctors with a successful history of helping patients recover from acute health issues. Rest assured, our experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on your health journey.

Absolutely, in an online consultation with our Naturopathy doctors, you will receive guidance and advice on traditional approaches like yoga and meditation to enhance your health and well-being.

We ask you to provide us with a detailed case history before or during the consultation so that our doctors can provide you with an appropriate assessment. Note: Doctors may request reports before or after the consultation.

Yes, we assure you that the security and privacy of your personal health information are taken seriously. As an online platform, we adhere to strict data protection measures and comply with applicable privacy laws. We prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about data security or privacy practices, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are committed to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for your online consultations and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information.

We provide video consultations via the Aayu Health app. However, if there is a network issue or latency, patients can choose to switch off their camera for better conversation.

We recommend that you sit in a quiet place with a stable internet connection, use headphones for clear communication, and have a device with a camera.

Online consultations will occur on the Aayu Health app. We don't provide any third-party links.

Yes, it can provide you with valuable insights, peace of mind, and confidence in your medical decisions. Remember that seeking a second opinion is your right as a patient, and our professional doctors will help you with opinions and support your decision.

Yoga therapists play a distinct role in our program compared to yoga teachers. While yoga teachers focus on instructing and leading yoga classes, our yoga therapists bring a unique skill set and scientific knowledge to the table. They possess a deep understanding of the human body's physiology and have specialized training in using yoga as a therapeutic tool for healing and wellness. Our yoga therapists are equipped to address specific health concerns, injuries, or conditions that you may be dealing with. They can tailor yoga practices and sequences to suit your individual needs, considering your physical capabilities, limitations, and overall well-being. With their expertise, our yoga therapists are dedicated to guiding you on your healing journey, providing personalized support, and helping you experience the transformative benefits of yoga in a safe and effective manner.

Our online yoga therapists are highly experienced in their field. On average, they have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in practicing yoga therapy. Additionally, they have undergone rigorous training and have accumulated a minimum of 300 to 1500 hours of dedicated practice and study in the field of yoga therapy.

Our online yoga therapists and trainers are experts in Hatha and Ashtanga practices, mainly specializing in yoga therapy.

Yes, the sessions will be tailored to your specific needs, and you can freely communicate with your trainer if you need any additional support. Maintaining a daily routine will yield the best results.

  • Avoid consuming food before practice.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Choose a comfortable spot at home where you can move freely.
  • Keep your yoga mat and accessories handy, if necessary.
  • Have a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Relax after the practice and maintain that state throughout the day.

Yes, online yoga therapy can help you manage stress and relax your body. Yoga is proven to alleviate various lifestyle problems. Maintaining a daily schedule will yield the best results.

We advise you to openly discuss your concerns with the therapist so they can guide you in practices that won't adversely affect your physical injury and aid in your recovery.

There are no specific requirements or limitations for participating in online yoga sessions, as they are personalized 1-1 sessions guided by expert therapists. Maintain awareness of your breath and each sequence, take necessary breaks, and stay hydrated.

Certainly, you can receive meditation and mindfulness guidance through online yoga therapy. Discuss specific practices with your trainer.

At present, our online yoga therapy sessions are exclusively offered in a one-on-one setting.

You can receive support regarding pose alignment, advanced practices, weight management, pain relief, and more.

Discuss your needs with your therapist before the practice.

During each session, the therapist will inquire about your habits, fitness levels, weight, BMI, and more. We recommend being consistent with your practice, as it will lead to better outcomes.

Yes, you can continue your regular practices alongside therapy sessions, but maintain balance and avoid overexertion.

No worries, you don't need all the equipment mentioned. Your therapist can suggest alternatives.

If any errors occur, close and reopen the app. Check your internet connection before connecting. If issues persist, contact our support team for guidance.

Currently, we don't offer trial sessions. With half-yearly and yearly subscription packages, you receive complementary consultations to try before committing in bulk.

  • Click on the "Explore" button located under the Yoga Therapy Program.
  • Choose the number of sessions you'd like to book. You can opt for 1, 4, 10, or 21 sessions
  • Once selected, proceed with the payment
  • Pick Your Trainer and schedule a slot based on your availability
  • On the scheduled date and time, be sure to log in to your session promptly.

The things that you receive with a nutritionist package are as follows:
  • Initial assessment
  • Online Consultation with Nutritionist
  • Personalized food plan
  • Nutritional education and counseling
  • Monitoring and progress tracking
  • Expert guidance through online chat
Overall, a nutritional healing package aims to provide personalized guidance, education, and support to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals while making sustainable lifestyle changes.

A nutritionist can play a crucial role in helping you improve your overall health and well-being Initially, the nutritionist will perform assessments customized to your dietary preferences and health objectives. During the consultation, they will comprehensively explain your nutrient requirements and outline the food plan, including the dos and don'ts. Subsequently, you'll engage in follow-up sessions to assess the effectiveness of your food plan and receive guidance for the way forward. Additionally, you'll have access to ongoing chat support with the nutritionist to ensure that you consistently progress towards achieving your health objectives.

The consultation process with a nutritionist works as follows:
  • Your first step is to complete an assessment.
  • Our system will recommend a nutritionist based on your assessment.
  • Have your consultation with the nutritionist.
  • Receive your tailored diet plan within 24-48 hours.
  • Maintain routine follow-up with the nutritionist and communicate with them if anything urgent arises.
  • Stay committed to your schedule and practice mindful eating.

Yes, the nutritional healing package is specifically personalized to your dietary needs. It includes an assessment and a call with a nutritionist to understand your health requirements and provide you with an appropriate food plan.

Our Aayu Health Nutritionists can assist you with a wide range of health conditions and goals. Whether you're looking to manage your weight, enhance your sports performance, or better manage chronic conditions, our nutritionist will work with you to develop a personalized food plan to help achieve your health and wellness objectives

Aayu Health nutritionists can assist you with various conditions, goals, and challenges related to nutrition and overall health that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Aayu Health Nutritionists recommend a 15-day food plan, and we suggest scheduling a follow-up session every 15 days to receive updates and adjustments to your food plan.

Yes, you can connect with your nutritionist between appointments. We have added a chat feature through which you can ask health and diet-related questions to the nutritionist.

Yes, as part of the nutritional healing package, we provide you with a detailed food plan that includes a timetable and specific portion sizes.

In addition to our one-on-one consultations, we ask you to provide a food and health assessment. This assessment is an essential step in tailoring a personalized nutrition program that aligns with your dietary habits and specific health requirements. Your nutritionist will then assist you with the most suitable guidance.

Note- Please provide accurate information to enable us to assist you in selecting the optimal nutrition package for your needs.

Yes, within the nutritionist package, you will receive additional resources and materials, including a personalized food plan and guidelines on dietary do's and don'ts.

Yes, we do provide dietary restrictions based on your preferences.

Based on your consultation with the nutritionist and to better understand your health, there might be certain tests or supplements that could incur additional costs. We are working with our partners to provide that support through Aayu Health soon.

Our nutritionist packages are designed to meet your unique health needs. If your family members wish to benefit from personalized food plans, they can schedule consultations with our nutritionist to receive their own personalized food plan.

Yes, your nutritionist will conduct an appropriate assessment to understand your food requirements, and based on this assessment, you will receive your personalized nutrition plan.

You can track and measure the effectiveness through regular assessments or follow-up calls with your nutritionist.

Currently, we don't provide shopping or meal preparation suggestions, but we will give you a nutrition plan that incorporates your daily lifestyle based on your consultation with our experts.

Nutritionist packages are based on your requirements. You can select a 4-week plan, a 12-week plan, or a 24-week plan according to your needs.

The outcomes after completing the package will vary based on the package you have selected. It's important to communicate with your nutritionist throughout the package to understand what to expect after its completion. They can provide specific information about the post-program process and help you transition smoothly to the next phase of your nutrition and wellness journey.

Mental wellbeing care is a process to get to know yourself better and address your concerns with an experienced psychologist who will guide you in unwiring these concerns and preparing you for a healthy thought process and mental stability.

The process is quite simple. You need to enroll in the plan, provide a short assessment, and have a call with your psychologist. After your consultation, the expert will provide you with activities, self care, and short assessments. You need to follow up with your expert to achieve a positive outcome.

The mental wellbeing care program is designed to help you in various ways, some of which are mentioned below:
  • Emotional Support
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-reflection and introspection
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Positive Mindset
  • Increased resilience
  • Overall wellbeing
While these are a few things this program can help you with, you can certainly discuss your desired outcomes with your expert.

The mental wellbeing care program is designed for individuals seeking support and improvement in their emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It can benefit a wide range of people. Determining if the mental wellbeing care program is right for you involves considering your current mental health needs, goals, and preferences. Ultimately, the decision to take the program is personal. If you feel that the program aligns with your needs, goals, and preferences, it could be a valuable step towards enhancing your mental wellbeing. We are here to guide you in the best possible way.

In a mental wellbeing care program, various activities and exercises are conducted to support participants in improving their emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Here are some common activities you may encounter in our program:
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Emotional Expression
  • Psychoeducation
  • Journaling
  • Role-Playing
  • Creative Therapies
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Gratitude Practice
Our mental wellbeing care program is designed to support and guide you, but your active participation and commitment are essential for achieving positive outcomes.

It's essential to recognize that mental health is a complex and individualized journey, and the effectiveness of a program can vary for each person. For some, the program may lead to transformative changes, while others may experience more gradual progress. It is crucial to approach the program with an open mind, actively participate, and communicate openly with the mental health professionals to get the most out of the experience.

No, in our mental wellbeing care program, we do not prescribe any medications. As a program focused on holistic and non-medical approaches to mental health, we prioritize evidence-based therapeutic techniques, counseling, and support. Our team of qualified mental health professionals will work closely with you to understand your challenges, emotions, and goals. Based on this assessment, we will provide personalized strategies and coping techniques to help you navigate difficult times and promote mental wellbeing. Our focus is on empowering you with the support and guidance to enhance your mental wellbeing naturally and effectively. Together, we will work towards your personal growth and positive outcomes.

The Aayu Subscription comes with numerous perks, providing access to:
  • A health management program.
  • A premium collection of meditation, yoga, music, and more.
  • Daily LIVE classes.
  • Fitness trackers to monitor your health.
  • Free doctor and therapist consultations.
  • For Advanced Program subscriptions, users also receive support from a nutritionist and a mental wellbeing coach.
Additionally, you have the option to add therapist consultations, nutritional healing, and mental wellbeing services to your ongoing program or subscribe to a comprehensive plan that includes all services and programs.

Aayu Health can be subscribed to by accessing the Health Management Program or Premium content libraries.

Aayu offers subscription plans for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The cost of these subscription plans varies for different countries. The plan costs for India and other regions are as per the chart below:

Plan Type India (INR) Other Countries (USD)
3 Months Rs 649 25$
6 Months Rs 1499 40$
12 Months Rs 2499 65$

Subscription expires according to the chosen period: 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Once purchased, subscriptions cannot be cancelled. However, if you wish to change the health management program you've enrolled in, you can switch to other programs within 7 days from the start of your subscription date.

Currently, there is no trial period available. You can access free features and limited Grow content without a subscription for a lifetime.

Subscribe to Aayu Health with these few steps:
Step 1: Select the program or premium library you want to start.
Step 2: Choose the duration you prefer and complete the payment.
Step 3: You are now subscribed!
Check for discount offers and promo codes.

You can check all your subscription plan details under “YOU” section.

Currently we accept credit/debit cards, UPI, Net-banking and wallet payments.

Aayu Health does not store any payment information.

Yes, all our discount offers can be availed through Exclusive Deals section or under the Offers section during the payments.

Your subscription is valid only for you and cannot be transferred or shared with others.

Throughout your journey, our health experts are available via WhatsApp, call, or chat to guide and support you. Feel free to connect with our team of expert doctors and yoga therapists for personalized assistance and guidance.

You can upgrade your subscription from 3 months to 6 months or 12 months. If you have a 6-month subscription, you can upgrade it to 12 months, but downgrading is not allowed.

No, we do not charge any additional fees or hidden costs; the displayed amount already includes taxes.

All our subscriptions are prepaid, and you will be billed only once, i.e., at the time of purchase, renewal, or upgrade of your subscription.

Aayu Health is currently supported only on mobile platforms. We recommend using the service on a single device to track your activity. If you change your device, you can download and access the service with the same login details.

Currently, the service is fully accessible in India, Dubai, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It will soon be available in other parts of the globe.

We do not offer refunds for purchases made on Aayu Health. For any double charges or transaction-related issues, please contact our support team.

Auto-renewal is currently not available with Aayu Health.

Yes, you can easily access the previous videos of programs with your current subscription, you need to check the calendar under ‘Healing’ section.

You will have to update the application to the new version and enjoy the benefits of the upgraded services or features.

The yoga process is a system of physical and mental exercises designed to promote health and well-being. The word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means “to yoke” or “to unite.” The practice of yoga is said to unite the body and mind, promoting a sense of harmony and balance in the individual. There are many different types of yoga, but they all share the same basic principles. Physical exercises, or asanas, are designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints, promoting flexibility and balance. The mental exercises, or pranayama, are designed to calm and focus the mind, promoting a sense of inner peace and well-being.

The advantages of practicing yoga include improved flexibility, strength, and balance. It can also help you relax and de-stress from your busy day-to-day lifestyle.

When attending a yoga class, it's ideal to wear clothing that is loose-fitting and breathable. This ensures that you have the freedom to fully engage in your yoga practice

Bring a yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle. You may also want to bring a blanket or bolster for certain poses. Some people like to wear socks and fingerless gloves, but this is optional.

It's recommended to practice yoga on a relatively empty stomach. A light meal or snack a couple of hours before is fine. Avoid heavy, large meals right before a class

Yoga can be practiced daily, but it's advisable to rest at least one day a week to prevent overexertion.

There are many variations of yoga poses, so if you can't do one, try another until you find one that works for you. Stick to your own pace and do what feels right. This practice is meant to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally, so don’t worry about everyone else and focus on your breathing and technique.

Yoga is generally safe for pregnant women, but we highly recommend consulting a doctor before beginning any yoga practice.

Yoga injuries typically result from overstretching or repetitive strain. To avoid injury, be sure to warm up before a yoga class and listen to your body. A quick stretch before the start of a yoga class is always a good idea!