Health Management Programs:

Health Management Programs are lifestyle-based yoga programs made by doctors from S-VYASA. It convers scientific & holistic approach to a healthier you.

You can enroll/subscribe for the health management program by selecting the specific program based on your health requirements. Incase if you have more than 1 health concern (eg diabetes + Obesity) then we request you to take a personalise program where our doctor create a program based on the consultation.

Currently there are thousands of users who have been benefiting from the programs based on their health conditions.

Our Health Management Program offers a personalized approach to address your unique health goals and needs. By tailoring the program to your specific circumstances, it ensures that you receive guidance and support that is specifically designed for you. This holistic approach to well-being covers various aspects of your health, including physical fitness, nutrition, stress management, sleep quality, and mental well-being. By addressing these key areas, a Health Management Program aims to improve your overall health and enhance your quality of life.

In addition to preventive measures and disease management strategies, a Health Management Program empowers you with knowledge and education. By understanding your health better, you can make informed decisions and take control of your well-being, both in the short term and for long-term health maintenance.

Led by qualified professionals, these programs offer expert guidance and support from doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers, and mental health experts. Their expertise ensures that you receive evidence-based recommendations and advice to make informed decisions about your health.

All lifestyle-based diseases are covered under health management programs via personalised programs, individual selection programs available are Diabetes, PCOS, Hypertension, Obesity (Weight Management), Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Gastritis, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, Backpain, Asthma & COPD, Arthritis

Health Management Programs are typically for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months programs with the practice time of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. You can select the program based on your health needs and dedicated time limit.

*Please Note: Once you select the time of 30/60 minutes, it cannot be changed.

Yes, Health Management Program is typically personalized to your specific needs and goals. These programs aim to provide tailored guidance and support that aligns with your individual health objectives and requirements.

*Please note: The program may also consider any existing medical conditions or risk factors you may have. For example, if you have diabetes, the program may include specific guidance on managing blood sugar levels and adopting a suitable diet and exercise routine.

The specific eligibility criteria and program offerings may vary depending on the type of Health Management Program.

It's important to research different programs and choose one that aligns with your specific health goals and needs. Consulting with our healthcare professionals or our health experts can help you determine if a particular Health Management Program is suitable for you based on your medical history, current health status, and individual circumstances.

All your yoga videos can be accessed for the ones that you have missed under healing section, just click on the calendar button which is at the left side top corner and you can find previous videos there.

No, you cannot download the videos or audios. Currently we don’t have an offline feature.

Every program includes practices such as Pranayamas, Asanas, Mudras and relaxing poses.

Practices will be active on daily basis and will be repeated for next 7 days for you to get adaptable to the routine, you can attend the session as per your suitable time and place.

Yes, you can continue with your regular medical treatments while participating in a Health Management Program.

Remember, open communication between your healthcare provider and the doctors is key to ensuring a holistic approach to your health management. They can work together to create a comprehensive plan that addresses your medical treatments as well as the lifestyle factors covered by the program.

Progress is tracked based on the Assessment that you provide before, during and after the program. It will be reflected under your Aayu Score. But more importantly you will start seeing the difference after few week of continuous practice.

There are various add-on services available on Aayu that will make your program a holistic program.
Nutrition Care
Mental Wellbeing
Doctor Consultation
Therapy Consultation
Each service is a unique and have different experts to help you achieve your health goals.

Yes, there are additional costs associated with health management programs that would be the add-ons you can opt-in.

All our health management programs are online and can be practices anytime and anywhere.

All our programs are exclusively for your specific health requirements, we would suggest you to kindly get a personalised program based on their health and body requirements by consulting our expert doctors.

There aren’t any prerequisites or requirements for joining a Health Management Program, as it’s an on-the-go program and you can perform the practices as per your time and preferences.

Based on your level of dedication and performance you would see the positive outcome, We are looking for the optimal treatment for your lifestyle disorders with the help of holistic services and it would be better to keep on practicing to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the completion

You can change the program within 7 days of your subscribed date. Post that you will have to consult a doctor for any changes to the program.

No, Once the program is started you cannot stop it but we always give you an upper hand to select your start date within 7 days.
Doctor Consultation:

An online doctor consultation is a virtual appointment with a qualified healthcare professional conducted remotely through digital platforms such as video calls. It allows individuals to receive medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations without physically visiting a doctor's office.

Here's how an Aayu online doctor consultation typically works:
  • Select the doctor from panel of experts
  • Schedule consultation as per your conveyance
  • Attend the consultation and get personalised advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations by the doctor over the app
  • Consult with doctor once in a month to track your progress and share your journey

There is no restriction on seeking medical attention but can address a wide range of medical conditions, certain emergencies or situations requiring physical examination may still require in-person consultations.

Scheduling a doctor consultation is very easy and as per your convenience, simply follow the below steps
Click consult doctor on home screen under Quick Access
Select the doctor you wish to consult with based on your health conditions
Schedule your consultation with doctor as per your convenience
Get personalised healing programs or recommendations from doctor

Online Consultation is usually for 20 minutes but sometimes depending on the severity of the case call might get extended by the doctor.

You will be asked to pay the amount while booking the consultation with doctor, charges for each doctor might be different depending on their speciality and experience. Also, you can pay session wise.

There are various option to pay the amount some of which are UPI, Wallet, Cards, Net banking etc.

All our expert doctors are verified by our team of inhouse doctors and experts.

Yes, all our doctors are certified professionals in the field of yoga therapy.

Yes, you can consult with a specialist through an online consultation where we have mentioned about what speciality does the doctor specialised in.

No, we do not provide any prescriptions through consultation, also we don’t provide medical advice for drugs or pharmaceuticals.

We ask you to provide us with a detailed case history through assessment before/during the consultation so that our doctors can provide you with an appropriate outcome.

PN: Doctor’s can ask you for reports before the consultation or post consultation.

Yes, we want to assure you that the security and privacy of your personal health information are taken seriously. As an online platform, we adhere to strict data protection measures and comply with applicable privacy laws. We prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about data security or privacy practices, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are committed to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for your online consultations and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information.

All our consultations are video consultation via Aayu Health app but in case if there is a network issue or latency the patient can switch off their camera for better conversation.

We recommend you to sit in a quiet place with a stable internet connection, headphones for clear communication and a device with camera. Online consultations will happen on Aayu Health app. We don’t provide any 3rd party links.

Yes, it can provide you with valuable insights, peace of mind, and confidence in your medical decisions. Remember that seeking a second opinion is your right as a patient, and our professional doctors will help you with opinions and support your selection.
Nutrition Consultation :

Things that you get with nutritionist package are
Initial assessment
Personalised food plan
Nutritional education and counselling
Monitoring and Progress tracking
Guidance by expert nutritionist 24*7

Overall, a nutritionist package aims to provide personalized guidance, education, and support to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals while making sustainable lifestyle changes.

A nutritionist can play a crucial role in helping you improve your overall health and well-being through their expertise in nutrition and dietary habits. Here are some ways in which a nutritionist can assist you
Initial Assessment
Customised nutrition plans
Disease prevention and management.
Weight Management
Nutritional education
Lifestyle integration
Monitoring and tracking
Overall, a nutritionist can be an essential partner in helping you achieve optimal health and well-being by providing personalized nutrition advice, education, and ongoing support.

Your 1st step is to take an assessment
Our system will recommend a nutritionist based on your assessment
Take your consultation with the nutritionist
Get your tailored diet plan in 24-48 hours
Keep your routine check-ups with nutritionist and chat with them if anything urgent Be loyal to your schedule and practice mindful eating

Yes, the nutritionist package is specifically personalised to your specific dietary needs as it will consist of an assessment and a call with nutritionist to understand your health needs and provide you with an appropriate food plan.

Aayu Health nutritionist can assist you with various conditions, goals, and challenges related to nutrition and overall health that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Based on the assessment, you will be provided a package that would be personalised as per your chosen health outcomes. There will be instructions mentioned on when you need to schedule the call with your nutritionist.

Yes, you can connect with your nutritionist between appointments. We have added a chat features through which you can ask health and diet related question to the nutritionist.

Yes, you will be provided with a plan that will consist of food plan along with portion size.

You will be asked to provide with a food and health assessment before purchasing the program and that will help us select the personalised nutrition program for you based on your habits and health needs. Your nutritionist will assist you on the basis of the assessment provided. Request you to kindly fill in the correct information so that we can help you select the best nutrition package.

Yes, there would be resources and material that would be provided to you that is food plan, do’s and don’ts.

Yes, we do provide dietary restrictions based on your preferences.

Based on your consultation with the nutritionist and for them to understand more about your health there might be certain tests or supplements that can incur an additional cost. We are trying to work with our partners on getting that support on Aayu Health soon.

No, you cannot add family members or household to your nutritionist package but the nutrition plan is taken care from your daily routine and understanding your requirements.

Yes, your nutritionist will take an appropriate assessment that will help in understanding your food requirements and post which you will receive your nutrition plan.

Through regular assessments or regular follow-up calls with your nutritionist you can track and measure the effectiveness.

Currently we don’t support any shopping or suggestions towards the meal, but we provide you with a nutrition plan that would incorporate with your daily lifestyle base food post the consultation with our expert.

Nutritionist packages are based on your requirement, you can select a 4-week plan, 12 week plan and 24 week plan accordingly.

The after-completion outcome will differ from the package that you have selected where in you can expect following outcomes based on your true dedication.
Changed Food Habits
Result oriented outcome
Follow-up sessions
Integrative Personal Programs

It's important to communicate with your nutritionist throughout the package to understand what to expect after its completion. They can provide specific information about the post-program process and help you make a smooth transition to the next phase of your nutrition and wellness journey.
Subscription :

Subscription for Aayu Health can be done through
Live Events
Health Management Programs
Library of yoga and mindfulness
Personalise Care Program
Comprehensive Packages

You are eligible to get access to all the premium sources on the Aayu Health app that would help you grow holistically. PN: You will have to pay additionally for services such as doctor consultation, Yoga therapy session, Nutritional Healing, Mental Wellbeing.

Subscription packages starts from 649rs a month followed by half yearly package for 1499rs and annual subscription package for 2499rs.
PN: Currently you get free doctor and yoga therapy consultations on half yearly and annual packages.

For add-on services like doctor consultations, nutritional healing and mental well-being the pricing would vary depending on how long you wish to take it.

Subscription can be selected for 3 month, 6 months or 12 months based on your requirement.

You cannot cancel the subscription but if you have selected any health management program, you can switch to any other program once in 7 days.

Currently there isn’t a trial period available but you can access the free features and library of yoga and meditation on the app.

Subscribing to Aayu Health just takes few steps
Step 1: Select the Program or Premium Library you wish to start
Step 2: Pay for the duration you want
Step 4: Check for offers/promo codes
Step 5: You are Subscribed ✨
You can check all your subscription at one place under “YOU” section.

Currently we accept credit/debit cards, UPI, Net-banking, wallet payments

Yes, we don’t store any payment information.

We do have offers for all our users and the services you wish to take, kindly check the offer section before the payment.

Your subscription is valid only to you and it cannot be transferred or shared with anybody else.

At every point you will be guided by our health experts available via whatsapp, call or chat. We are here to support you on your wellness journey. Feel free to connect with our team of expert doctors and yoga therapists anytime for personalized assistance and guidance.

Yes, you can certainly upgrade your subscription from monthly to half yearly or annually and if half yearly then to annually, but you cannot downgrade your subscription.

No, we do not charge any additional fees or hidden costs, the amount shown to you is already included with GST and Tax.

Depending on the subscription plan you have chosen; you will be billed after those many months.

Eg. You selected a 3-month subscription plan for 01st June’23, then you will be charged on 30st Aug 2023 for the next 3-month subscription price.

You can use the services currently only on mobile devices, but we recommend you use the service from a single device for you to keep a track of the activity. Incase you change your device you can download and access the service.

Currently the service is fully accessible for India, Dubai, United States, United Kingdom, Canada only. It will soon be accessible to other parts of the country.

We do not refund the purchase made on Aayu Health, incase of any double charges or any other transaction related issues kindly get in touch with our support team.

Currently auto-renewal is not available with Aayu Health, but in few months the charges will be automatically renewed.

Yes, you can easily access past or previous videos of programs with your current subscription, you need to check the calendar under healing screen.

You will have to update the application to the new version and enjoy the benefits of the upgraded services or features.
Therapy Consultation :

Yoga therapists play a distinct role in our program compared to yoga teachers. While yoga teachers focus on instructing and leading yoga classes, our yoga therapists bring a unique skill set and scientific knowledge to the table. They possess a deep understanding of the human body's physiology and have specialized training in using yoga as a therapeutic tool for healing and wellness. Our yoga therapists are equipped to address specific health concerns, injuries, or conditions that you may be dealing with. They can tailor yoga practices and sequences to suit your individual needs, considering your physical capabilities, limitations, and overall well-being. With their expertise, our yoga therapists are dedicated to guiding you on your healing journey, providing personalized support, and helping you experience the transformative benefits of yoga in a safe and effective manner.

Our online yoga therapists are highly experienced in their field. On average, they have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience in practicing yoga therapy. Additionally, they have undergone rigorous training and have accumulated a minimum of 300 to 1500 hours of dedicated practice and study in the field of yoga therapy.

Mainly yoga therapy and trainers are experts of Hatha and Ashtanga practices.

Yes, it will be tailored to your specific needs and you can freely speak with your trainer in case you need any additional support. Make sure to maintain a daily routine for best results.

Do not have any food before practice
Make sure you have a stable internet connection
Grab a comfortable spot at your home where you can freely move
Keep your yoga mat and yoga accessories handy in case necessary
A water bottle to keep yourself hydrated
Relax yourself after the practice and maintain it for the rest of the day.

Yes, it can help you manage your stress and relax your body. It is proven that by yoga you can be free from various lifestyle problems. Make sure you maintain a daily schedule to get the best results.

We advise you to speak with the therapist openly and share your concerns with them so that they can help you with the practices that would not have any adverse effect to your physical injury and help you recover.

There is no specific requirement or limitation for participating in online yoga sessions as its your personal 1-1 session and expert therapist are there to help you at any point during the practice, kindly maintain your awareness on breath and each sequence that you do, take necessary breaks and be hydrated.

Yes, you can receive meditation and mindfulness guidance via online yoga therapy, you can speak with your trainer for any specific practices you wish to take.

Currently yoga sessions are 1-1, if you wish to have a group sessions you can get in touch with us on and we will arrange one for you.

You can receive support regarding your pose alignment, advance practices, weight loss, weight gain, any kind of pain or healing etc. Make sure you discuss with your therapist before the practice.

During each session therapist will be asking you few question related to your habits, fitness levels, weights, BMI and more. Please make sure you be transparent with your therapist for any kind of queries and questions you have. Keep your practices daily to see a better outcome.

Yes, you can certainly continue your regular practices along with the therapy session but make sure you are not over exerting and maintaining a balanced routine.

Not a problem, you need not have all the equipment’s mentioned but there are some alternatives which you can ask your therapist.

You can close the app and open it again in case if there is any error, kindly check your internet prior to connecting. If the issue is persistent then kindly connect with our health councillor who can guide you with the process.

Currently we don’t have a trial session but with half yearly and an yearly subscription package we provide additional consultation which you can try and later add it in bulk.

To schedule you need to buy session or if in case you have subscribed to half yearly or yearly package you get 1 and 2 consultations accordingly.

You can book the therapist under my routine under home screen Select the trainer you wish to train, book their slots as per your needs Be on time and have an amazing 1-1 session.
Personalise Care Programs :

Personalised care programs are custom programs made by expert doctors based on the consultation you book with them, during the process they assess you and understand your needs post which a complete program is made. You can select the program based on your required time frame of 3,6,12 months. Make sure to commit to one hour or half-hour program. Maintain your daily practices.

We understand that every body is unique and we want to provide the best solution to you based on your health needs. A doctor consultation will help to understand those unique requirements and understand you through right questions. Post which you will be provided a complete plan and if you have more than 1 health needs it will be a tailored plan made in consideration of your health requirements.

The doctors are qualified BNYS (Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) doctors from S-VYASA. We also have MBBS and PHD doctors who have helped heal patients with acute health needs.

Your program will consist of
  • Daily Yoga Videos
  • Assessment
  • Tips & Trivia
  • Trackers
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Library
  • Yogic Knowledge
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Therapist Consultation
These are all the things you will receive in the program, additionally you can also add Nutritionist and Mental wellbeing care to your program and make it holistic.
General :

There is no age limit for yoga as people of all ages can practice yoga from young to adult.

The yoga process is a system of physical and mental exercises that are designed to promote health and well-being. The word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means “to yoke” or “to unite.” The practice of yoga is said to yoke the body and mind and promote a sense of harmony and balance in the individual. There are many different types of yoga, but all share the same basic principles. Physical exercises, or asanas, are designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints and promote flexibility and balance. The mental exercises, or pranayama, are designed to calm and focus the mind and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

The advantages of doing yoga are that it can help improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. It can also help you to relax and de-stress from your busy day-to-day lifestyle.

Wear comfortable fitted clothing that you can move in easily. Workout clothes such as leggings, shorts, sports bras, or contoured tops are best as you can move freely into your Yoga poses without anything getting in the way.

Bring a Yoga mat, a towel, and a water bottle. You may also want to bring a blanket or a bolster for certain poses. Some people like to wear socks and fingerless gloves, and this is optional.

Avoid eating a heavy meal before yoga class. Stick to light snacks or a small meal that is easy to digest.

Yoga can be practiced every day, but it is best to take at least one day off per week to rest.

There are many variations of yoga poses, so if you can’t do one, try another until you find one that works for you. Stick to your own pace and do what feels right. This practice is meant to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally so don’t worry about everyone else and focus on your breathing and technique.

Yoga is generally safe for pregnant women, but it is best to consult doctor before beginning any yoga practice.

Yoga injuries are typically due to overstretching or repetitive strain. To avoid injury, be sure to warm up before yoga class and listen to your body. A quick stretch before the start of a Yoga class is always a good idea!
Mental Wellbeing :

It’s a process to know yourself better and address your concerns with an experienced psychologist who will be guiding you to unwire the concerns and prepare you towards a healthy thought process and mental stability

The process is quite simple, you need to enrol for the plan, provide with a short assessment and get on a call with your psychologist.

Once your consultation is done, expert will provide you with activities, personal care, and short assessments. You need to follow-up with your expert to get a positive outcome.

Program of mental wellbeing care is designed to help you in many ways, some of which are mentioned below
  • Emotional Support
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-reflection and introspection
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Positive Mindset
  • Increase resilience
  • Overall wellbeing
These are few thing which this program will help you, but you can certainly check with your expert for your desired outcomes.

The mental wellbeing care program is designed for individuals seeking support and improvement in their emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It can benefit a wide range of people

Determining if a mental wellbeing care program is right for you involves considering your current mental health needs, goals, and preferences.

Ultimately, the decision to take the mental wellbeing care program is a personal one. If you feel that the program aligns with your needs, goals, and preferences, it could be a valuable step towards enhancing your mental well-being. We are here to guide you in the best possible way.

In a mental wellbeing care program, various activities and exercises are conducted to support participants in improving their emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Here are some common activities you may encounter in our program.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Emotional Expression
  • Psychoeducation
  • Journaling
  • Role-Playing
  • Creative Therapies
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Gratitude Practice
Our mental wellbeing care program is designed to support and guide you, but your active participation and commitment are essential for achieving positive outcomes.

It's essential to recognize that mental health is a complex and individualized journey, and the effectiveness of a program can vary for each person. For some, the program may lead to transformative changes, while others may experience more gradual progress. It is crucial to approach the program with an open mind, actively participate, and communicate openly with the mental health professionals to get the most out of the experience.

No, in our mental wellbeing care program, we do not prescribe any medications. As a program focused on holistic and non-medical approaches to mental health, we prioritize evidence-based therapeutic techniques, counselling, and support.

Our team of qualified mental health professionals will work closely with you to understand your challenges, emotions, and goals. Based on this assessment, we will provide personalized strategies and coping techniques to help you navigate through difficult times and promote mental well-being.

Our focus is on empowering you with the support, and guidance to enhance your mental well-being naturally and effectively. Together, we will work towards your personal growth and positive outcomes.