1. What is Aayu’s approach to healing?
    Aayu’s healing modules effectively counter disease with yoga, science and awareness. Its traditional yoga therapy treatment programs are based on 4 decades of rigorous research and 800 medical papers published by doctors at the globally reputed S-VYASA institute.
    Yoga has empirically established that the power to heal lies within us. S-VYASA has studied and traced the physiology behind yoga practice for over 40 years to understand what happens with the synchronization of brain, breath and body down to the molecular level.
    Aayu offers scientific yoga routines that help you unlock your body’s natural healing powers.
    All of Aayu’s programs complement the user’s pre-existing treatments, and accelerate their progress They offer you non-medicine-based pillars of holistic wellness, such as guided meditation, pranayama, and relaxation, all of which are a part of Integrated Yoga Therapy.
  2. What programs are available on Aayu? Update this as per the new offerings
    Currently there are 9 healing programs LIVE on the Aayu app. You can subscribe to anyone healing program. In case you need more than 1 chronic disease healing program, you will have to consult our certified panel of doctors so that they can create a Personalized Care Program based on your unique health needs.
    Programs that are currently available on Aayu app are: Obesity Care, PCOS Care, Asthma & COPD Care, Anxiety Disorder Care, Insomnia Care, Heart Disease Care, and Diabetes Care Upcoming healing programs include Depression Care, Arthritis Care, Back Pain Care.
  3. How do I change my mobile number?
    Once you’ve registered your mobile number on the app, it can’t be changed.
  4. Do you have free Doctor Consultation and therapist session?
    Currently we do not offer any free Doctor Consultation or free therapist sessions. They are however available for an affordable sum of Rs.499 for a doctor consultation session and Rs. 1249 for a one-on-one training session with an Aayu certified yoga therapist
    https://aayuhealing.page.link/doctor & https://aayuhealing.page.link/therapy
  5. Who is Aayu meant for?
    Aayu is inclusive and open to everyone above the age of 18 years. There are no restrictions based on gender or body type.
    The app has content that helps you understand the scientific basis of Yoga and traditional, holistic treatments that do not depend on medication. Aayu also offers a dedicated healing program for those with chronic ailments like PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Depression to name a few.
  6. What is the difference between your app and other apps already available?
    Aayu is based on the principles of regenerative healing and 4 decades of scientific evidence that confirm the healing powers of yoga and the practices that help the human body unlock its natural healing potential.
    The basis of Aayu’s healing programs is research conducted by doctors and experts at S-VYASA. A globally reputed institute affiliated to Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and other renowned universities.
    Aayu’s panel of doctors are all experts in Integrated Yoga Therapy and are available for consultation sessions on the app, to guide patients with chronic ailments and recommend healing routines that are ideal for everyone.
  7. Can I share this app, and do I get anything for sharing this app?
    You can share the app with your friends and family via Share app Link under You page.
    Currently we don’t have a referral program. https://aayuhealing.page.link/download
  8. Is the Aayu healing service available on a website?
    Currently, Aayu is available only on Playstore and App store. https://aayuhealing.page.link/download
  9. Can this app guarantee that I will be cured?
    Healing outcomes tend to vary. There are many factors that influence your progress – the type of disease, its severity, whether there are complications, individual lifestyle factors and more. The best results are seen when you practice daily and diligently. Following up regularly with doctors specialised in Integrated Yoga Therapy, on the Aayu app can help you stay on track to accelerated healing.
  10. I missed my paid Therapist / Doctor Consultation session. What can I do?
    We value your money. However, we do follow up with the user by sending app notifications 15 minutes before the actual call time just to make sure you don’t miss your scheduled session.
    You could reach out to our customer support team if you wish to discuss this issue further.
  11. Money debited but Doctor / therapist consultation not active?
    Don’t worry. Your money is in safe hands. Do connect with our customer support team and we can figure out what the issue is, together.
  12. Money has been debited from my account, why is the subscription still not active?
    Don’t worry. Your money is in safe hands. Do connect with our customer support team and we can figure out what the issue is, together.
  13. Is my personal data secured?
    We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it.
    We have a variety of measures that protect your data, some of which are:

    1. HIPAA Compliant servers: All data is stored in HIPAA compliant servers
    2. Encryption: All data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption during transit and at rest.
  14. Is the App available in a different language?
    Currently the App is available in English language only. We do have plans for developing language specific content in the future so that we can cater to the health needs of more and more people.
  15. I'm not flexible – can I do yoga?
    Yoga helps you become more flexible. Everybody is different, so never feel the need to practice poses exactly like the teacher. The therapist is there as a guide (and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years). Don't force your mind or body. Your practice session should feel comfortable. It should not stretch your limits. Also, like any other exercise program, please consult your doctor before beginning to practice yoga.
  16. What do I need to practice yoga?
    Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, kick off your shoes and practice on a surface with some grip. Yoga mats are ideal, as they are “sticky” and help prevent sliding.
  17. When should I practice yoga?
    The best time to do yoga is different for everyone. What’s most important is finding the time that works for you and your body. If you're doing yoga at home, it’s helpful to choose a time when you can focus on yourself and your practice—when you don’t have other people or tasks to be responsible for. To determine the best time for yoga for you, see how different poses feel at different times of the day. You may find that in the mornings you have more energy but you’re also tighter. In the evenings, you may feel more limber but you’re also more tired. Ultimately, it will come down to your personal preference.
    Finding the right time of day is particularly important if you are trying to establish a home practice. Morning or evening is often the most practical for people who work regular business hours. A morning routine can help you ease into your day and start it on the right foot. An evening practice can help you destress and mellow out.
  18. Does Aayu keep my health records private?
    We respect the information that you share with us, and we employ robust encryption methods to protect your personal information. Your health records and updates help our doctors monitor your health, assess your needs, and progress and offer you customised insights and solutions to accelerate your healing. Your health records are private and safe with us.
  19. How do I book a doctor consultation?
    = Book doctor consultation hassle free from home screen or click here to book as per your preferred time. https://aayuhealing.page.link/doctor
  20. How do I book a therapist’s session?
    Currently you can book one-on-one sessions with the yoga therapist even without subscribing to our healing programs. Book your first session now.
  21. Can I change the program once I’ve subscribed to it?
    You can switch to another program within 7 days of your subscription starting.
    You can change your program just once. If you need any further assistance with selecting a healing program that is ideal for your health needs, do schedule a session with our doctors. They will personalize a program that is perfect for you.
  22. Can I pause my program?
    A program once started cannot be paused. You can view the content from the calendar option in the healing program. The program practice routine will remain the same for 7 days so that you can get a better grasp and understanding of the yoga routine till it becomes muscle memory. You can view all your previous practice routines on the calendar.
  23. What are the different types of subscriptions provided by Aayu?
    Currently Aayu provides 3 subscriptions modules -
    A. Monthly at INR 449,
    B. Six Months at INR 1499 and
    C. Yearly at INR 2499
  24. What will I get in an Aayu subscription?
    With Aayu subscription you will get:
    - Access to premium content which includes thousands of minutes of meditation, music, yoga, relationship insights and more
    - You can activate any single chronic disease healing program
    - You get an unlimited access to watch live events

    This is valid for 30 days or annually as per your selection and you will need to renew it before the plan expires.
  25. What is the duration of the practice videos in the healing programs?
    The practices are structured and performed by an expert therapist You will receive them in the form of 30- or 60-minute videos that you can follow for guided practice sessions.
    Doctors recommend 60-minute practice sessions to see the best healing outcomes. The Insomnia module however has only 30-minute-long practice sessions.

    It is ideal to choose a duration for daily practice that you will find easy to commit to. The yearly program has certain benefits – like a deeply discounted price. The yearly program is also recommended by doctors because it takes long term commitment to see better results.

    The yearly program is valid for 12 months 365 days and you will need to renew it before the plan expires.
  26. What is the duration of a doctor’s session and a therapist’s session?
    A consultation session with the doctor lasts for 20 minutes and a one-on-one session with an expert yoga therapist lasts for 60 minutes.
  27. What is the cost of a doctor consultation session on the Aayu app?

    Number of
    Duration Offering
    1 session 20 mins INR 449
    3 sessions 20 mins INR 1299
    5 sessions 20 mins INR 1899

  28. What is the cost of a session with a yoga therapist?

    Number of
    Duration Offering
    1 session 60 Mins INR 1249
    4 sessions 60 Mins INR 4499
    10 sessions 60 Mins INR 9999

  29. How do I contact customer support team?
    You can contact us on +91 9920 149 202 from 10am-7pm IST OR send us your queries by accessing help and support section in Aayu app OR write to us on support@aayu.live Our team will get back to you with 48 hours